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What You Need to Know About the Quality Objectives in ISO 9001

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What You Need to Know About the Quality Objectives in ISO 9001

Quality Objectives is one of the most important parts of ISO 9001 standard as it helps to drive continual improvement in the QMS an organization acquires. Since it’s related to continual improvement, the requirements of ISO 9001 quality objectives are updated from time to time with some changes. There are thousands of companies across the world, which are using these quality objectives successfully with continuous improvement in their QMS.

Writing good quality objectives is more than important for any company that intends to acquire ISO 9001 certificate in UAE or any other country. In the last update of ISO 9001:2015, the standard didn’t bring any change in the process of writing good quality objectives. However, some additional wordings were added to clarify the process more efficiently.

Before the version ISO 9001:2015, all you needed to do is to keep your documented objectives measurable, established throughout your company, and consistent with the quality policy. Now, for some recent years, monitoring, communicating, and updating the objectives has also become mandatory for all; a small company or a global enterprise.

An indirect but important change was the need for the strategic direction of a company when it’s to define its quality objectives. Today, the clause 5.2.1 of ISO 9001:2015 highlights the importance of consistent quality policy and also the strategic direction of your company.

The most important and major change that came with the last versions is clause 6.2.2 that is about planning to achieve the quality objectives you are mentioning. It makes sense. When you are using some quality objectives for bringing improvement activities in your processes, it becomes important to point out the plan to help in achieving those objectives. Just as the planning of achieving environmental objectives were added back in ISO 14001:2004.

The point is that there should be a target set for improvements. However, many companies have failed to achieve their quality objectives because of having lacking an effective plan. The following points related to the requirements of planning to achieve quality objectives can help you come up with a perfect plan:

█ Making a simple and step-by-step guide for your actions to achieve your targeted objectives happens to be the right step to start with. Let’s suppose one of your top quality objectives is to improve your on-time delivery from 85% to 95% this year. You are needed to perform many step-by-step actions to make this happen.

█ For each action you need resources and you need to use the right resources. You need money, tools, and many other resources to complete your actions and achieve a certain quality objective.

█ Assigning action deadlines is also as important as any other work. You should set a specific deadline for each action you perform. These step-by-step actions and their deadlines can help you in a bigger picture of achieving your quality objectives.

In the end, all you need to do is to evaluate the results of all your actions. Once you have the results, you can know whether your plan to achieve target objectives is held successful or not!

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